About Us

London Arabic Direct is the international expansion of Damascus Arabic Tuition. This started from a cultural hub in the Syrian capital, where foreigners could exchange stories, books and knowledge and receive guidance on adopting to the Arabic culture and language. The school was established to provide Arabic courses for language students from elite universities in Europe and the US who were spending their year abroad in the Middle East. We also collaborated with diplomats, embassies and the UN staff to help them communicate professionally and effectively with locals and Arabic-speaking colleagues. The school expanded to cater to employees of international business to break down language and cultural barriers in order to bring their business to the Middle East.
The school has moved to London to globalise the Arabic language, and its teaching and learning. It is currently a leading independent school specialising in business and professional Arabic language training to companies and individuals based in the UK. We design and deliver bespoke Arabic training solutions by the very best team of professional Arabic teachers.