Our Method


  • At London Arabic Direct, we have developed a comprehensive method of conducting Arabic classes in London that is based on the experience our team of teachers have acquired with the students we taught in the last 8 years. When studying Arabic courses in London you will find that: 
  • Our method is very practical and easy to follow and understand.
  • Our initial focus is on getting our students speaking Arabic as soon as possible, and practicing their pronunciation. Rather than focussing on rote learning, our classes are interactive and conversational, from the start. Students begin by learning simple words and phrases, and quickly learn to build these words and phrases into more complex sentences. Once students have reached a certain minimal level of confidence in speaking we then focus more on clarifying and fixing grammatical errors and syntax.
  • After we have established a linguistic foundation, we then tailor the course according to our students needs, meaning we identify the weak points of their language abilities and then work on improving them. Once we have witnessed an improvement on this level, we then begin to construct even more complex structures.
  • We try to avoid the grammatical terms and focus on building up vocabularies and sentences through repetition, listening and pronunciation which allow the students to have instant results and see a progress from the first week they start studying with us
  • Through this method, we believe that anyone could learn Arabic and become able to communicate with a native Arabic speaker easily and enjoy the process