Arabic Courses for Diplomats

Arabic Courses for Diplomats

Our Arabic lessons in London for diplomats are designed to make diplomats understand the importance of the language as being a diplomatic skill that will enable them to compete in a better way globally. 

Our Arabic classes in London for diplomats focus on developing their speaking and reading skills in standard Arabic. Our professional and experienced tutors for Arabic courses in London for diplomats use authentic material and content from trustworthy sources such as BBC Arabic and Aljazeera among many others. The course will integrate trade and policy studies, mediation, conflict resolution and economic negotiation. 

This specialised Arabic course that we offer for diplomats is conducted using textbooks, video and audio programmes among other sources so as to provide language training to the government staff. The Arabic courses in London for diplomats are designed in such a way that will enable diplomats to have a sufficient grasp of the Arabic language for day to day exchanges and when initiating lucrative trade deals. In this way Arabic courses will not only help diplomats to communicate in Arabic fluently on a daily basis but will also enable them to understand technical or academic information. In diplomacy it is extremely important to know the language in order to survive and what is even more important is to ensure that the needs are properly met. AT London Arabic Direct we understand that diplomacy revolves and functions around negotiations, agreement, communication and the formulation of agreements therefore we aim to make diplomats master all these skills in Arabic through our special courses.  

Focus of the course


  • Develop Written and oral communication skills 
  • Develop formal presentation skills in Arabic
  • Teach how to react and act in meeting and negotiation scenarios and Informal social situations


Who is this course for?

The Arabic courses in London that we offer for diplomats are designed to fulfill the individual needs of diplomats. This course will develop the Arabic language skills that are required and are essential for diplomats so that they can interact fluently and confidently with their counterparts in the day to day process of their job. This will also help diplomats to improve their language skills so as to gain international relations. 

How will this course benefit you?


  • Help you understand informal and formal communication techniques.
  • Enhance public speaking skills in Arabic



Course Objectives


  • Become fluent in communication during formal situations
  • Students will be able to prepare presentations and speeches on various topics
  • Learn the skills to negotiate in Arabic language
  • Enable students to discuss current and foreign affairs in Arabic language
  • Learning how to read and understand specific information and to comprehend and absorb high volumes of information within a short period of time
  • To improve professional writing skills for letters and emails
  • Interact in Arabic when receiving telephone calls
  • Able to understand accents, idioms , body language and other aspects of Arabic culture
  • Participating and chairing in conferences and meetings
  • To understand linguistic nuances and the culturally sensitive environment
  • To strengthen your critical thinking skills so as to help you with problem solving and initiating negotiations