Advanced Business Arabic

Business Arabic Courses are designed to help you communicate more professionally and effectively in all aspects of business from day to day communication to participating in a business meeting and making presentations. The course content and material will focus on your needs and the specifics of your business.

The following course will cover:

Business language

  • Focus on fluency when speaking
  • Learning how to give presentations and take part in negotiations
  • Develop a wide range of vocabulary for business environments
  • Reading complex articles and documents such as reports, contracts, and financial statements
  • Advanced terms and vocabulary specific to your field

Business culture

  • Cultural attitudes and manners

Who is for?

  • You want to communicate fluently with your Arabic counterparts
  • You wish to expand your knowledge of vocabulary in all business environments
  • You want to practise business skills such as presentations, speeches, negotiations and much more
  • You would like to read complex topics such as business reports and media articles

The benefits

  • Become more able to do business confidently with Arabic speaking clients
  • Converse confidently in different situations, and in a range of complex topics
  • The ability to interact effectively in meetings and conferences
  • You will be able to make comprehensive presentations and speeches.
  • You will master oral and written Arabic to use with clients across the Arabic world