Intermediate Business Arabic

Business Arabic Courses are designed to help you communicate more professionally and effectively in all business aspects from day to day business communication to participating in a business meeting and making presentation. The course content and material will focus on your needs and the specifics of your business.

This course will develop the following area:

  • Focus on speaking and listening 
  • Learning specific expressions and phrases in a business context
  • Reading business articles and writing official letters and emails to clients
  • Making presentations and telephone calls in Arabic
  • Develop a wide range of vocabulary for a business environment 
  • Improve pronunciation and intonation
  • Insight into cultural attitudes and behaviour towards business

Who is it for?

  • You want to improve your Arabic language skills in all aspects of business
  • You want to use Arabic for specific matters such as business trips, making telephone calls and participating in business meetings
  • You want to establish your business in the Middle East 
  • You wish to expand you knowledge of vocabulary in a business environment. 

The benefits of this course

  • Become more comfortable in doing business with Arabic speaking clients
  • Developing your ability to communicate in day to day situations
  • Improving accuracy and fluency for telephone calls and business meetings
  • Facilitate your communication in your contact with overseas colleagues
  • Express yourself more confidently in all professional and social situations