Gulf Arabic Courses

Gulf Arabic is the native language of the United Arab Emirates and is spoken by Arabs living in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, parts of Eastern Saudi Arabia and Southern Iraq. Therefore, at The London Arabic Direct, we have designed the Gulf Arabic courses in London for those people who are either travelling to one of these Gulf countries and are doing business with Arabs living in these countries. Our Gulf Arabic courses in London will also benefit those people the most who want to take Gulf Arabic lessons because they are either planning to work or live in the Arabian Gulf.

 At London Arabic Direct we use a variety of methods and materials to teach Gulf Arabic in the fastest and most effective way possible. We will use text materials, audio and video programmes to help students become well versed and fluent in speaking the Gulf Arabic Dialect.  Our qualified teachers would aim to teach everyday common Arabic expressions and vocabulary that is used by the nationals of Gulf countries. The main focus of this course would be on spoken Arabic, this is because Gulf Arabic is not a written but a spoken language as the standard Arabic that is spoken on television, radio and official government proceedings is not spoken colloquially by Gulf Arabs who communicate in their mother tongue in their business and day to day affairs. 

This course is aimed at complete beginners and is designed to enable candidates to learn and be able to communicate in Gulf Arabic in day to day situations by using the four skills reading, listening and writing. Although the emphasis is placed on the learner’s ability to speak and listen however students will also have a basic knowledge of Arabic and will also learn to write and read basic words.


Why choose London Arabic Direct? 


  • You learn a variety of everyday and business related vocabulary and grammar so that you can form sentences to express your thoughts
  • We use a unique range of Arabic textbooks, Audio and Video programmes that will assist you to write and pronounce Gulf Arabic accurately and fluently
  • We can tailor the course as per your convenience by offering home tuitions as well as Arabic lessons in London via Skype so that you can learn Arabic anytime and from any place. 
  • Our teachers are trained to be patient and flexible and can adapt to various learning styles to provide the best possible experience to the student