Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic: Beginner

At the London Arabic Direct we provide the Modern Standard Arabic Beginner course as the first course for those who have no knowledge about speaking and writing Arabic. This course is aimed at complete beginners who are newly acquainted to the Arabic language. This course enables the students to communicate in normal standard Arabic with a limited range of day to day situations using the four skills including reading, writing, speaking and listening. Modern Standard Arabic is considered as the recognised means for formal written and spoken communication. The Modern Standard Arabic beginner course that we offer in London explains the method for reading and writing basic Arabic words and sentences. In This Arabic course students will cover:

• The alphabet

• Essential grammar

• Simple conversations

• Reading and writing short texts


Modern Standard Arabic: Intermediate

For students who have completed the modern standard Arabic beginners’ course, or have some prior knowledge, then the modern standard Arabic intermediate course will further develop and enhance their abilities in reading, writing, speaking and listening Arabic.  

Students will:

• build up reading and writing skills through short stories and media articles

• develop grammar to an intermediate level

• listen to Arabic media

• extend conversation skills

Modern Standard Arabic: Advanced

Building on the intermediate course, The Modern Standard Arabic Advanced course offered by The London Arabic Direct takes students to a high level of proficiency in written and spoken Arabic.

During the course of their Arabic lessons in London students will:

• Achieve high level of fluency in reading and writing Arabic content

• Comprehend the spoken word fully through news, interviews and documentaries

• Converse confidently in different situations, on a range of complex topics

• Gain a comprehensive understanding of Arabic grammar

Arabic Literature

At London Arabic Direct we offer Arabic lessons in London to help individuals understand the long, rich and varied Arabic literary history.  The aim of this course is to acquaint the candidates with classical Arabic literary writings and to also help them familiarise with the history and development of classic and modern Arabic literature and culture. This course covers a wide range of famous and interesting poets, novels, short stories and plays. Arabic Literature course is perfect for those who can read Arabic at an intermediate level.

Media Arabic

At The London Arabic Direct we have designed the Media Arabic Course for intermediate and advanced students of Modern Standard Arabic who want to understand Arabic TV, radio and news. The Arabic lessons for this course are structured by Khaled who uses his book ‘Media Arabic’ which comprises of a series of interesting and relevant articles about current affairs in the Middle East. He also uses interactive software and current news from Al-Jazeera to enhance the knowledge and educate the students about the recent developments taking place in the Arab world.



  • London Arabic Direct skilfully balances academic focus and strong professionalism with a lively and engaging teaching style. I would highly recommend London Arabic Direct for those looking to become conversant in Syrian Arabic in a short period of time

    Anna-Marie McManus
    PHD student at Yale University

  • Khaled nassra is a highly impressive young man, an outstanding teacher, and has personal quality that means he offers more than teaching alone. his method has dramatically improved my listening comprehension, reading and the ability to converse.

    James Eyre
    Foreign Office diplomats

  • I cant recommend khaled nassra highly enough and will continue my studies with him as an invaluable to my current career

    Hugo Deed

  • Khaled brings extensive experience of teaching a range of Arabic Styles and dialects to foreign students. He has carefully tailored his approach and choice of materials to suit my needs

    A J H Cowell
    Foreign Office

  • I would highly recommend Khaled Nassra as an Arabic Tutor. I studied Media Arabic with him for a month. The Course was very well prepared and provided me with a solid foundation on the language of media

    Edward Posnett
    Oxford University

  • London Arabic Direct gave us exactly the introduction to Arabic that we need, teaching us both the vocabulary and grammar in a clear and concise fashion. we learnt far more with London Arabic direct in the time available then we ever thought possible

    Juliet courtney
    Cambridge University

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