Speaking Arabic Courses

This course is designed for students who want to start to speak Arabic immediately.The major focus of this course is on speaking with  20% focus directed toward writing and reading.The teacher will use a bespoke method that is tailored for this course.

This Course will cover the following:

. The alphabet
. Pronunciation focus  
. Basic greetings
. Building up essential vocabulary
. Constructing short sentences
. Ask and answer simple questions about personal details
. Simple conversations for everyday situations traveling, hotels, restaurants, and taking taxis
. Essential vocabulary and phrases

Why this course?

. It is a great start for students who are absolutely beginners
. It brings you instant confidence in speaking Arabic
. It teach you what exactly you need to start communicating with Arabic speakers
. It shows you that Arabic is not difficult and it is easy to learn
. It gives you the encouragement to continue learning Arabic
. It gives you a good foundation about Arabic grammar and its structure