Advanced Levantine Arabic

At London Arabic Direct, our Levantine Arabic Course helps you to learn all aspects of the Arabic language including speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing. The focus of Advanced Levantine Arabic Course in London is on having the ability to interact spontaneously and fluently with native Arabic speakers while discussing every day topics and in more complex dialogues. The syllabus for your lessons is based on our teaching method which we have developed especially for this course including textbook materials, Audio and Video programs. Your teacher will correct your spoken and written errors so that you will become more accurate and so that you can learn efficiently and at a fast pace. Each week, you will be given homework and at the end of the week we would expect you to revise what you have learnt so far.  

In order to get enrolled in this course, students should be able to interact with a degree of fluency with native speakers.

Advanced Levantine Arabic course will cover:

  • advanced speaking and listening - Converse confidently in in more complex topics, using all tenses in a spontaneous and nature way while speaking.
  • advanced Culture phrases and expressions that makes your Arabic sounds more nature
  • present clear, detailed descriptions on a wide range of subjects
  • develop a Culture knowledge of the regional dialects within a country
  • focus on fluency and accuracy
  • understand television programs and films
  • more complex grammar
  • Advanced reading and writing
  • focus on pronunciation and intonation

Benefits of Advanced Levantine Arabic course for you:

  • you will be able to express your idea fluently and spontaneously
  • understand 90% of  everything spoken at native speaker speed
  • use a series of cultural phrases and expressions in the right context
  • achieve accuracy with the language
  • communicate more effectively with a native Arabic speakers