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Skype lessons: Any where, Any time and at your convenience

London Arabic Direct also offer Arabic lessons via Skype. These lessons are perfect for busy people who are interested in learning Arabic. Through Skype lessons you can learn Arabic from the comfort of your home or your office. If you live in a remote area and it is difficult to find a native Arabic teacher, then Skype Arabic lessons are ideal for you.

Skype lessons are the ideal for the Arabic learner:

Online interactions are becoming more sophisticated and face-to-face technology enables us to work at a time more convenient to us.

There are many benefits Skype provides:

With modern technology, there is barely any difference between hearing someone in person and hearing their voice over Skype. Additionally, you can record lessons, which serves as a good tool for language revision. Your Arabic lessons go where you go. Anytime and anywhere you find yourself, we can meet you there through Skype; at your convenience and comfort. Some students may find their work is a barrier, because they have to travel frequently or possibly live long-term in a different city or country. With Skype, there’s no excuse to quit learning. Even for students in London Skype lessons could save them money and time. No longer do you have to commute long-distances for quality teaching.

When you are doing Skype lessons with us, you will be encouraged to type in Arabic, something that is overlooked in face-to-face meetings. Our students have told us this has had really positive effects on their Arabic communication as they are more comfortable Facebooking or Tweeting in the language.

At London Arabic Direct, we use a unique method to get the most out of our Skype lessons, so you don’t see any difference between learning face-to-face and learning by Skype.

The greatest barrier to learning any language is committing the time to doing it. Every Londoner knows that time is a rare commodity, and that is often spent on travelling to and from places. Skype lessons are the solution to this problem.

How it works

  1. Install Skype Service (FREE)Step
  2. Register with in our website.
  3. Schedule a Lesson (1st lesson FREE)
  4. Connect with your Online Arabic Tutor
  5. Enjoy your Lesson


  • London Arabic Direct skilfully balances academic focus and strong professionalism with a lively and engaging teaching style. I would highly recommend London Arabic Direct for those looking to become conversant in Syrian Arabic in a short period of time

    Anna-Marie McManus
    PHD student at Yale University

  • Khaled nassra is a highly impressive young man, an outstanding teacher, and has personal quality that means he offers more than teaching alone. his method has dramatically improved my listening comprehension, reading and the ability to converse.

    James Eyre
    Foreign Office diplomats

  • I cant recommend khaled nassra highly enough and will continue my studies with him as an invaluable to my current career

    Hugo Deed

  • Khaled brings extensive experience of teaching a range of Arabic Styles and dialects to foreign students. He has carefully tailored his approach and choice of materials to suit my needs

    A J H Cowell
    Foreign Office

  • I would highly recommend Khaled Nassra as an Arabic Tutor. I studied Media Arabic with him for a month. The Course was very well prepared and provided me with a solid foundation on the language of media

    Edward Posnett
    Oxford University

  • London Arabic Direct gave us exactly the introduction to Arabic that we need, teaching us both the vocabulary and grammar in a clear and concise fashion. we learnt far more with London Arabic direct in the time available then we ever thought possible

    Juliet courtney
    Cambridge University

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