Our Teachers

London Arabic Direct has native Arabic tutors who have years of experience in teaching students of many top universities around the world, including Yale, UC Berkeley, Columbia, Princeton, Oxford, and Cambridge.

They teach Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) as well as a range of Arabic dialects, including Syrian, Jordanian, Egyptian and Lebanese. In addition to the intensive language training, we at, London Arabic Direct offer courses in Media Arabic and English-Arabic translation. Our teachers have worked with students from a wide variety of backgrounds, including journalists, diplomats, and students of all levels. We assure you that our tutors teaching Arabic courses in London are able to adapt to your requirements, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced student. With their flexible teaching methods, you will quickly learn to communicate with the inhabitants of any Arab country, understand the news and politics of the Middle East, and appreciate the Arab culture.

Khaled Nassra

 Khaled is the director of London Arabic Direct. He specialises in teaching the Levantine dialect (spoken in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestinian Territories), Business Arabic and Media Arabic. Khaled is a native Arabic tutor with 9 years of experience, teaching students from a wide variety of backgrounds, including journalists, businessmen and Foreign Office diplomats.

He has degrees in Translation & Interpretation from University of Damascus and Comparative Literature from Beirut University. He has been giving Arabic lessons in London, Lebanon, Syria and Dubai for a total of over 10 years.

Khaled is the Founder and Director of the "Damascus Arabic Tuition". This language school used to provide a number of Arabic courses in London to foreign professionals in Syria including diplomats, journalists, UN staff and university students from the UK, US and elsewhere. These Arabic courses comprised of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Media Arabic (courses for journalists) and Spoken Arabic.


He has published several textbooks, including "Levantine Colloquial Arabic", "Master Daily Arabic" and a dictionary of colloquial Arabic, which contain more than 5000 words.

Anas Idlibi

Anas Idlibi is a professional teacher of Arabic who holds a Masters Degree in translation. He is fluent in speaking English, French and Spanish and has many years of experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language. He has been offering Arabic lessons in London, Lebanon and Syria for more than eight years.